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Rejuvenex® Skin Care System and the Ultra Hi-Power Multi Vitamin mineral antioxidant formula with Resveratrol and Astaxanthin were designed and formulated by Professor Carmen Fusco. Her work in the prevention of skin aging began in 1976 when she collaborated with Benjamin Frank, M.D. on the first RNA anti-aging cream.

The Ultra Hi-Power was one of the first multi-vitamins on the market to include hi-potency Resveratrol, a phyto-nutrient shown to have superior cardio-vascular and cancer preventive benefits. The Ultra Hi-Power is used by some of the leading medical professionals in the country, including the Dean and CEO of a major university and medical center.

Nearly three decades later, Rejuvenex® is used by thousands of clients to moisturize and remove dead skin cells, protect against sun damage, and slow the aging process, including improved skin turgor (firmness and elasticity). In recent years the Rejuvenex® line, Ultra Rejuvenex® day cream, and Ultra RejuveNight® dream cream has been reformulated to include ingredients based on advanced science in skin aging.

RejuveneX® Factor Firming Serum, the latest addition to the Rejuvenex® Skin Care System contains 10 new bioactive compounds clinically proven to erase wrinkles, improve tone and texture and restore a youthful, more radiant appearance to aging skin.

The Rejuvenex® line, including the Ultra Hi-Power Multi Vitamin mineral antioxidant formula, has been exhibited at the Johns Hopkins Medicine annual health conference called "A Woman's Journey."


"Serum-like, deep penetrating formula"

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Rejuvenex Factor Firming Serum


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