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Ultra RejuveNight® (The Dream Cream)

With Melatonin/DHEA Complex and Enhanced Delivery System

In response to the positive studies about the effects of DHEA and melatonin, Professor Fusco developed Ultra RejuveNight® that delivers these hormones directly into the skin.

Since melatonin is naturally secreted only at night, the application of Ultra RejuveNight® at bedtime gives the skin the hormone replacement it needs at the precise time the body is naturally recovering and repairing damage.

Ultra RejuveNight® incorporates a liposome delivery system called QuSome® that enables the optimal transport of DHEA and vitamin C directly into skin cells.
Topical vitamin C and vitamin E have been shown to protect against swelling, redness, skin sensitivity and skin wrinkling.

High potency green and white tea leaf extracts make the Ultra RejuveNight® an Ultra Dream Cream.
(2 oz. Jar)

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