Rejuvenex Products


  • The Rejuvenex Line including the Hi-Power multivitamin/mineral antioxidant formula, was
    exhibited at the Johns Hopkins Medicine event called "A Woman's Journey" on
    November 3, 2007. The exhibit was titled: "Feeding the Skin from Within... and Without".
  • Beautiful Sela Ward when interviewed by Rosie magazine, November 2001 issue, mentioned the Rejuvenex Face Cream and the Hi-Power Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Antioxidant Formula by Rejuvenex as two of the products she swears by and calls them "Sela's secrets".
  • Chairman of Universal Media, Carl Ruderman, has this to say about the Rejuvenex products and the Hi-Power Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Antioxidant Formula: " I have tried  hundreds of vitamins and skin care products over the past two decades. Simply put, the Hi-Power Supplement and the Rejuvenex anti-aging skin creams are in a class by themselves and have been essential to keeping me feeling and looking healthy and young".
  • The beautiful model, Svetlana, who graces the cover of the July/August 2008 ELITE Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine, credits the Rejuvenex Skin Care System with keeping her skin glowing and luminous: "Being a fashion model where looking good is crucial to my career, I take skin care very seriously... that is why the Rejuvenex anti-aging skin creams together with the HI-Power vitamin formula has been at the core of my whole health regime. Believe me, as a model, I am bombarded daily by samples of the latest skin care products. There is nothing outthere that even approaches the combined effectiveness of the Rejuvenex and Hi-Power products for  looking beautiful and feeling beautiful".
  • There are many more testimonials including a famous new York hairstylist, Kim Lepine, the wife of the Dean and CEO of a major Medical College and the Dean and CEO himself, who have credited the Hi-Power Formula and Rejuvenex Skin Care Line for the improvement in their health, energy and appearance.
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